Power House of Deliverance - Arrian White: Dance Ministry


This ministry was created to give God praise through the art expression of dance. Whether in the form of lyrical ballet, interpretive mime or modern dance, this team works together to bring life to the music and connect the message to the people.

Power House of Deliverance - Louis Dunklin: Marketing Ministry


A creative, innovative, artistic ministry designed to brand our organization to influence all demographics from all walks of life. This ministry also includes, but is not limited to, communications, design, photography, printing and media, and using advanced methods to introduce new concepts along with cognitive and creative thinking. 


A very important part of our service. This team of leaders instructs and guides us on a journey, guiding and soaring us to new heights. Singing unto the Lord a new song of praise, lifting up holy hands and exalting the Holy Spirit. We invite him into our hearts and bless his Holy name all while making a joyful noise.

Power House of Deliverance - William Scretching: Media


Every service is audio/video digitally recorded, produced and available at your convenience after every service. The media ministry has taken off to new dimensions and its impeccable work has reached and converted souls across the world. Much success has come to the media ministry through the live streaming tool. This media innovation has drawn more attention to the teaching and preaching of God’s word.

Power House of Deliverance - Aaron Dunklin and Tiffani Dunklin: Youth Ministry


A ministry dedicated to young people and teens for learning and growing together through the word of God in order for them to learn more about themselves.

Power House of Deliverance - Gloria Taylor: Women's Ministry


This ministry is designed to help broken, battered, bruised and defeated women to see themselves as God sees them: Complete, Unlimited, Virtuous & Victorious.


Power House of Deliverance - Robert Davis: Men's Ministry


The men of Power House come together for a time of fellowship and devotion. This provides an opportunity for Christian men to share their love and faith with one another. The men are the backbone of the church in which they provide guidance for the younger generation of men to make their transition from boyhood to manhood.